field of activity containing “immunotoxicity” – English-Swedish dictionary and smart Effects on the unspecific immune system, such as effects on phagocytes, 


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UK/ˈfæɡəsaɪt/. n. রোগবীজাণুনাশক Large white blood cells called phagocytes consume these worn-out cells and spit   4 Mar 2018 The archetypal phagocyte resembles an amoeba, and a very simplified process of phagocytosis Graham Colm at English Wikipedia. Sourced  It can also boost immune responses. Monocytes, macrophages, and neutrophils are phagocytes. A phagocyte is a type of white blood cell. (NCI Dictionary)  27 Sep 2018 Here, we present two protocols to study Phagocyte-Mycobacterium abscessus interactions: the screening of a transposon mutant 18 Dec 2019 Phagocyte (phago - cyte) - a cell, like a white blood cell, that engulfs and digests destroying microbes, such as bacteria, or foreign particles by phagocytes.

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Letter / - Page Swedish, English. få · few fagocyt {u} · phagocyte. IN OTHER LANGUAGES. Phagocytes. English. Cell, Phagocytic.

English. Detailed Synonyms for phagocyte in English. phagocyte: phagocyte [the ~] noun. the phagocyte – a cell that engulfs and digests debris and invading

Synonyms: scavenger   16 Nov 2017 Learn how to say Phagocytes with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials. Definition 10 English Words You're (probably) Mispronouncing! n.

Phagocyter in english

Phagocyte meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मीनिंग ) is भक्षकाणु.English definition of Phagocyte : a cell that engulfs and digests debris and 

Macrophages | British Society for Immunology What is the difference Between a Phagocyte, Macrophage . Click here for the English version Beskär ROI innehåller phagocyte från sammanslagna filen (detta gör yta rendering snabbare, se steg 5). EN CH DE. Trial ends in Request Full Access Tell Your Colleague About Jove.

Phagocyter in english

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printicon. fagocīti fiziol. phagocytes fagotists bassoonist fagots mūz. bassoon fajanss faience, glazed pottery faksimils facsimile; replica faktisklls actual, factual; lietu — ais a chráni lipozómy pred ich detekciou mononukleárnym fagocytárnym systémom (mononuclear phagocyte system – MPS), čo predlžuje čas cirkulácie v krvi. OBJECTIVE.

In vivo exposure of the mice to Pb did not alter significantly their plaque-forming cell  Scupper Swedish Meaning Translation Tradução de significado English Translate Traduzir & answer the is the Meaning of - Meaning in Swedish / in english Means Mean Word Words Swedish of English of what tells, fagocyt · Phagocyte. The Macrofagos In English Riferimento. Macrophages | British Society for Immunology What is the difference Between a Phagocyte, Macrophage .
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Phagocyte definition is - a cell (such as a macrophage or neutrophil) that engulfs and consumes foreign material (such as microorganisms) and debris (such as dead tissue cells).

Korean 포럼을 방문하세요. WordReference 지원: 포럼에서 질문하기 · English Only 포럼 내 'phagocyte'에 대한 토론. Definition of phagocyte noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms  Translation and Meaning of phagocyte, Definition of phagocyte in Almaany Online Dictionary of English-Korean.

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English translation of 'phagocyter'. [faɡɔsite ] Full verb table transitive verb. 1. (= engloutir, absorber) [concurrent plus faible, grande entreprise] to swallow up. 2. (Biology) [microbe] to ingest by phagocytosis.

Translation for 'phagociter' in the free French-English dictionary and many other English translations.